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Compressors Selection and Sizing 3rd Edition

Compressors Selection and Sizing 3rd Edition

Compressors Selection and Sizing 3rd Edition Covers compressors which are using mechanical motion to effect the compression. These types of compressors are commonly used in the process and gas transport/distribution industries. A partial list of these industries includes chemical, petrochemical, refinery, pulp and paper, and utilities. A few typical applications are air
separation, vapor extraction, refrigeration, steam recompression, and process and plant air.

A compressor is a device used to increase the pressure of a compressible fluid. The inlet pressure level can be any value from a deep vacuum to a high positive pressure. The discharge pressure can range from subatmospheric levels to high values in the tens of thousands of pounds per square inch. The inlet and outlet pressures are related, corresponding with the type of compressor and its configuration. The fluid can be any compressible fluid, either gas or vapor, and can have a wide molecular weight range.

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Compressors Selection and Sizing 3rd Edition Contents

  • Overview Compressors Selection and Sizing
  • Basic relationships
  • Reciprocating compressors
  • Rotary compressors
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Axial compressors
  • Drivers
  • Accessories
  • Dynamics
  • Testing
  • Negotiation and purchasing
  • Reliability issues

Compressors using the intermittent compression mode referred to as positive displacement compressors, of which there are two distinct types: reciprocating and rotary. Continuous-mode compressors also characterized by two fundamental types: dynamic and ejector.

A specific quantity of gas is ingested by the compressor, acted upon, and discharged before the cycle is repeated. In the continuous compression mode the gas moved into the compressor, acted upon, moved through the compressor, and discharged without interruption of the flow at any point in the process.Applications of compressed gas vary from consumer products, such as home refrigerators, to large complex petrochemical plant installations.


Compressors Selection and Sizing 3rd Edition


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