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AutoCAD Certified Professional Prep Course 2016

AutoCAD Certified Professional Prep Course 2016

Become an Autodesk Certified Professional. This AutoCAD Certified Professional Prep course helps you study for the certification exam while you reinforce your CAD skills. Shaun Bryant helps you understand the two pathways available: Autodesk Certified User—for new designers who want to demonstrate basic proficiency and a commitment to academic success or career development—and Autodesk Certified Professional—for those who possess more advanced skills and can solve complex workflow and design challenges. He then walks through the basic drawing skills, object manipulation techniques, organization skills, annotations, and layout and print options that are necessary to pass both certifications.

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AutoCAD Certified Professional Prep Course 2016 Topics include:

  • Creating and publishing AutoCAD filesAutoCAD Certified Professional Prep Course
  • Drawing shapes and lines
  • Creating isometric drawings
  • Transforming objects
  • Creating and using arrays
  • Organizing objects and layers
  • Reusing content with blocks
  • Adding text, dimensions, multi leaders, and scales
  • Creating layouts
  • Setting printing and plotting options

Welcome to the AutoCAD Professional Certification Prep Course. Autodesk provides you with an AutoCAD certified professional exam. What we’re going to do in this course is get you prepped up to take that exam. We’re going to take you through exercises and drawings so that you learn all the tools and tricks of the trade when using AutoCAD in order to pass your AutoCAD certified professional examination.

What we’ll also be doing is using a particular version of AutoCAD. We will be using AutoCAD 2016, ready for you to take your AutoCAD 2016 certified professional exam. Now, everything you learn in this particular course is also applicable to other versions of AutoCAD. So, for example, you might want to take, let’s say, the AutoCAD 2015 certified professional exam.

All of the information that you would learn from this course would also apply to that AutoCAD version. The main reason I’m using AutoCAD 2016 is right now it is the current version of AutoCAD. So, let’s get going now and let’s get you prepped up for your AutoCAD certified professional examinations.


AutoCAD Certified Professional Prep Course 2016

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