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AutoCAD MEP Essential Training

AutoCAD MEP Essential Training

AutoCAD MEP Essential Training helps you build the systems—mechanical, electrical, and plumbing—that connect buildings to the outside world. This course will help you draft, design, and document these systems using MEP’s powerful toolset. Author Eric Wing touches on project setup, as well as external referencing and display configurations, before diving into individual modeling scenarios. In one chapter, he’ll show how to create electrical power plans and lighting plans with receptacles and lighting fixtures. In the next, it’s a mechanical plan, with rooftop units, VAV boxes, ducts, also diffusers. Last, you’ll work on a plumbing plan and system. Then he ties the drawings together with smart tags and schedules, and creates section and elevation versions of your plans. Dive in now and learn to eliminate tedious drawing tasks while creating more accurate documentation with MEP.

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AutoCAD MEP Essential Training Topics include:

  • Setting up a power planAutoCAD MEP Essential Training
  • Creating power circuits
  • Adding wiring and lighting fixtures
  • Setting up a ducting plan
  • Routing ducts
  • Creating plumbing lines
  • Adding gas boilers
  • Adding detail components
  • Creating view ports, sheets, sections, and elevations
  • Configuring electrical and HVAC objects
  • Creating HVAC systems

welcome to AutoCAD MEP Essential Training. In this course, we’ll look at project set up, dealing with both external referencing and display configurations. Then we’ll dive into specific MEP modeling and systems. I’ll start by showing you how to add an electrical power plan and lighting plan by placing receptacles also lighting fixtures. Then I’ll show you how to create a mechanical plan, adding rooftop units, VAV boxes, ducts and diffusers.

We’ll see how to create plumbing plans and systems. Then we’ll go back and tag everything, using smart tags and schedules. We’ll be covering all these features, plus plenty of other tools and techniques. Now let’s get started with AutoCAD MEP Essential Training.



AutoCAD MEP Essential Training

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