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District Cooling Theory and Practice

District Cooling Theory and Practice

District Cooling Theory and Practice provides a unique study of an energy cogeneration system, set up to bring chilled water to buildings (offices, apartment houses, and factories) needing cooling for air conditioning and refrigeration. In winter, the source for the cooling can often be sea water, so it is a cheaper resource than using electricity to run compressors for cooling. The related technology of District Heating has been an established engineering practice for many years, but District Cooling is a relatively new technology now being implemented in various parts of the world, including the USA, Arab Emirates and Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Existing books in the area are scarce, and do not address many of the crucial issues facing nations with high overall air temperatures, many of which are developing District Cooling plans using sea water.

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District Cooling Theory and Practice Features

  • Provides case studies that describe real projects in detail
  • Integrates the theory of district cooling with practical design and operational coverage
  • Covers the design aspects of central stations and piping systems
  • References both mechanical vapor compression chillers and absorption chillers
  • Includes a chapter devoted to the economic considerations of district cooling initiative


  • List of Tables
  • List of FiguresDistrict Cooling Theory and Practice
  • Preface
  • Author
  • Introduction to District Cooling
  • Economic Considerations
  • Major Factors Influencing the Design of a District Cooling System
  • Designing Central Plants
  • The Designing Chilled Water Distribution Systems
  • Designing Energy Transfer Stations
  • Design of Thermal Energy Storage
  • Controls and Instrumentation
  • Case Studies

District Cooling Theory and Practice integrates the theory behind district cooling planning with the practical engineering approaches, so it can serve the policy makers, engineers, and planners whose efforts have to be coordinated and closely managed to make such systems effective and affordable. In times of rising worldwide temperatures, District Cooling is a way to provide needed cooling with energy conservation and sustainability. This book will be the most up-to-date and comprehensive study on the subject, with Case Studies describing real projects in detail.


District Cooling Theory and Practice

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