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Gas Turbine Performance 2nd Edition

Gas Turbine Performance 2nd Edition

Gas Turbine Performance 2nd Edition is primarily aimed at engineers of all disciplines within the gas turbine industry, and will also be of significant value to students of mechanical and aeronautical engineering. It should also appeal to people outside the industry who have an interest in gas turbines. Experienced engineers will particularly welcome the database and list of formulae which it is hoped will make the book an invaluable reference tool.

The guidelines, charts and formula provided should be invaluable for instructive or ‘scoping’ purposes, particularly where simplified forms are shown to ease implementation. Progression of projects beyond this must always be accompanied by an appropriate quality plan, however, including stringent control of the accuracy of any software produced. As such, no liability can be accepted for the consequences of any inaccuracies here in.

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Gas Turbine Performance 2nd Edition Content

  • Comprehensive lists of formulae, together with sample calculations are located at the end of each chapter. Formulae are presented in FORTRAN/BASIC/Spreadsheet format for ease of implementation in PC programs.Gas Turbine Performance
  • The lead unit system employed is SI. However key unit conversions are provided on every figure, chart and table catering for the needs of all readers world-wide. Furthermore, a comprehensive list of unit conversions is supplied as an appendix.
  • Figures, charts, tables and formulae provide not only trends and the form of relationships, but also a database for design purposes. Charts are located at the end of each chapter, whereas figures are embedded in the text. Also practical guidelines for engine design are provided throughout the text.
  • All gas turbine engine variants are discussed,including turbojets, turbofans, turboprops, turbo shafts, auxiliary power units and ramjets.
  • An introduction to gas turbine applications is provided in Chapter 1. Subsequent chapters address meeting the various requirements particular to all major applications such as power generation, mechanical drive, automotive, marine and aircraft installations.
  • Component performance and design is presented from an engine performance viewpoint. A comprehensive list of references is provided for those wishing to pursue detailed component aero-thermal and mechanical design issues.



Gas Turbine Performance 2nd Edition

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