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Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines 2nd Edition

Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines 2nd Edition

Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines is the established essential text for the fundamental solutions to efficient wind turbine design. Now in its second edition, it has been entirely updated and substantially extended to reflect advances in technology, research into rotor aerodynamics and the structural response of the wind turbine structure. Topics covered include increasing mass flow through the turbine, performance at low and high wind speeds, assessment of the extreme conditions under which the turbine will perform and the theory for calculating the lifetime of the turbine.

This involves a very brief historical part explaining the development of wind power, as well as a part dealing with economy and wind turbine design. It is by no means the intention to give a full historical review of wind turbines,
merely to mention some major milestones in their development and to give examples of the historical exploitation of wind power

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Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines Second Edition Content

  • List of Figures and Tables Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • General Introduction to Wind Turbines
  • 2-D Aerodynamics
  • 3-D Aerodynamics
  • 1-D Momentum Theory for an Ideal Wind Turbine
  • Shrouded Rotors
  • The Classical Blade Element Momentum Method
  • Control/Regulation and Safety Systems
  • Optimization
  • Unsteady BEM Method
  • Introduction to Loads and Structures
  • Beam Theory for the Wind Turbine Blade
  • Dynamic Structural Model of a Wind Turbine
  • Sources of Loads on a Wind Turbine
  • Wind Simulation
  • Fatigue
  • Final Remarks
  • Appendix A: Basic Equations in Fluid Mechanics
  • Appendix B: Symbols
  • Index

Noise is an important competition factor, especially in densely populated areas. Some people think that wind turbines are unsightly in the landscape, but as bigger and bigger machines gradually replace the older smaller machines, the actual number of wind turbines will be reduced while still increasing capacity. If many turbines are to be erected in a region, it is important to have public acceptance


Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines 2nd Edition

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