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SOLIDWORKS PDM Product Data Management

SOLIDWORKS PDM Product Data Management

SOLIDWORKS PDM Product Data Management allows you to keep track of design data throughout the product development life cycle. PDM is essential for team collaboration and efficiency in multiuser environments. This course teaches the basics of SOLIDWORKS PDM to engineers and designers who are already familiar with SOLIDWORKS. Learn how the software works, and the requirements needed to run it. Find out how to create a vault for your project, and add users, groups, and workflows. You can also learn how to add objects to the vault, check files in and out, and work with versions, variables, and data cards. Along the way, instructor David Antanavige provides tips for tracking changes, organizing your projects, and maintaining file references.

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Product Data Management Topics include:

  • Creating a vault
  • Creating users and groups
  • Setting permissions
  • Working with data cards
  • Searching
  • Creating a new project
  • Adding files to the vault
  • Versioning in PDM
  • Working off-line and online

Welcome to the Learning SOLIDWORKS PDM Product Data Management course. Many SolidWorks users struggle when trying to collaborate in a multi-user environment. Fire references can be broken, changes and updates can be lost, or confusion can arise from unorganized file structures. My name is David Antanavige, CSWE. We will show you how SolidWorks product data management can assist with things like tracking and managing all the changes of your fellow users, including version, and revision control. How you can spend less time organizing and tracking all the design data that you use.

How you can leverage PDM to improve your productivity, and enhance collaboration, and also how you can very easily maintain file references with ease inside of Windows Explorer. Thank you for joining me, and let’s jump in.


SOLIDWORKS PDM Product Data Management

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