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CSWP Exam Preparation: All-In-One Guidebook with Practice Exams

CSWP Exam Preparation: All-In-One Guidebook with Practice Exams

CSWP exam preparation: All-in-one guidebook with practice exams, is written to assist students in college and universities, engineers, and professionals who are interested in getting a certification of CSWP(Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional). There are so many books available for learning SOLIDWORKS, while there are very few books to help for CSWP exam preparation. To prepare for exams efficiently, future exam takers essentially need exam-oriented preparation books. There are some online/offline training programs. However, those are very expensive to prepare a CSWP exam. This book is divided into four parts.

SOLIDWORKS Certifications are a benchmark to measure your knowledge and competency with SOLIDWORKS software. A certification helps you stand out from the crowd and showcases your expertise to businesses and professionals alike – a valuable asset in a competitive job market.
A few popular SOLIDWORKS Certifications include:
  • CSWA: Certified SOLIDWORKS AssociateCSWP Exam Preparation: All-In-One Guidebook with Practice Exams
  • CSWP: Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional
  • CSWPA: Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced: Sheet Metal, Weldments, Surfacing, Mold Tools, Drawing Tools
  • CSWE: Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert
  • CEPA: Certified Enterprise PDM Administrator

CSWP Exam Preparation: All-In-One Guidebook with Practice Exams Content

  • Preface
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction to CSWP
  • SEGMENT 1: Parts
  • Configurations .
  • Assemblies
  • Final Thought
  • About the Author
  • Appendix 3D Modeling Exercise

Organizing the book in this way is to help the students, engineers, and professionals to prepare the CSWP exam efficiently. This book has a significant number of pictorial descriptions of the steps with screenshots that a student should follow. Since 2018, the format of the CSWP exam has been updated. However, the problem pattern covered by the exam and the required SOLIDWORKS skill does not change significantly.

The first practice test set for each part is provided with a walkthrough instruction that includes a step-by-step problem-solving process, and the rest of the practice test sets are provided with the answers in the end-of-section with video tutorials.


CSWP Exam Preparation: All-In-One Guidebook with Practice Exams

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