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Learning SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Learning SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Get started with SOLIDWORKS Electrical, a design package that can help make the work of designing and developing electrical systems a bit easier. Join instructor Justin Flett as he covers the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Electrical, and explains how to use this software to generate electrical engineering design schematics and reports. Justin kicks off the course by discussing the overall process of generating an electrical design project, including how to work with the user interface and build a custom project template. He then explains how to generate electrical schematics and components; create, customize, and use wire styles within your schematic drawings; create your own custom symbol from scratch; edit a PLC; generate final reports for your electrical projects; and more.

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we’ll lean how to generate some industry-standard final reports and output such as wire lists, parts lists, cabling lists, and much more. Not only can SOLIDWORKS: Electrical generate electrical schematics and documents, but also has an immense, continuously growing electrical library, with millions of prebuilt electrical components and symbols. This means you don’t have to worry about building up your own component library and can just jump right into your designs.

Learning SOLIDWORKS Electrical Topics include:

  • Navigation tools and graphics optionsSOLIDWORKS Electrical
  • Electrical schematics and components
  • Creating, customizing, and using wire styles
  • Drawing symbols
  • Editing and customizing cross-references
  • Using origin-destination arrows
  • Automated PLC generation techniques
  • Creating and using macros
  • Generating 2D cabinet layouts
  • Customizing reports

SOLIDWORKS: Electrical as an electromechanical engineer and designer across numerous industries for over 10 years. In this course, we’ll first take a look at the entire process of generating an electrical design project from the ground up. First we’ll learn the basics of the software and how to generate simple electrical documents and drawings that can be used within our project. We’ll then look into creating some PLC drawings and electrical enclosure layouts.

SOLIDWORKS: Electrical is a powerful design package that helps simplify the design and development of complex electrical systems.


Learning SOLIDWORKS Electrical


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