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Cert Prep SOLIDWORKS Surfacing

Cert Prep SOLIDWORKS Surfacing

The successful completion of the Cert Prep SOLIDWORKS Surfacing (CSWPA-SU) exam shows proof of your expertise with the SOLIDWORKS advanced surfacing tools. By earning this certification, you demonstrate that you have the cutting-edge skills that businesses seek out and reward. This course reviews key concepts and techniques to help you tackle the CSWPA-SU exam with confidence. Instructor Gabriel Corbett goes over the exam requirements, and shares exam-taking techniques and tips for using your time wisely. He also covers creating splines, filled surfaces, and 3D sketches; knitting surfaces together; building boundary and planar surfaces; and more.

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Cert Prep SOLIDWORKS Surfacing Topics include:

  • Exam-taking techniquesCert Prep SOLIDWORKS Surfacing
  • Surfacing tools
  • Creating splines and 3D curves
  • Building a boundary surface
  • Extending and untrimming surfaces
  • Knitting surfaces together
  • Creating surface fillets
  • Using the Thicken tool

welcome to the Certified Solidworks Professional Advanced Surfacing Exam Preparation Course. In this course, we’ll go over all the requirements for the exam, testing techniques, pointers and effective use of time. In preparation to teach this course, I took all the latest exams to make sure all the course information was relevant and focused on you passing the exam. We’ll start with the Skills Review chapter to refresh your knowledge and give you key insights into the type of questions that you’ll see on the exam.

I’ve built sample parts that will mimic the real world exam and focus the discussion on relevant topics to help you pass the exam. We’ll cover creating 3D sketches, splines, boundary surfaces, swept surfaces, filled surfaces. And then we’ll cover some tricks to passing the exam and review the ways the questions are asked. We will cover trimming and extending surfaces, knitting surfaces and creating solids. We’ll then dive into some direct editing with delete face, move face, and some tricks for working with imported surfaces



Cert Prep SOLIDWORKS Surfacing

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