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HVAC Systems Duct Design 4th Edition

HVAC Systems Duct Design 4th Edition

HVAC Systems Duct Design 4th Edition presents the basic methods and procedures required to design HVAC air distribution systems. This manual provides the HVAC system designer detailed information on duct design and U.S. and metric units are provided in all examples, calculations, and tables.

In addition to the basic engineering guidelines for the sizing of HVAC ductwork systems, the manual also provides related information on:

methods of construction,
economics of duct systems,
duct system layout,
pressure losses,
fan selection,
duct leakage,
acoustic considerations, and
Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB).

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HVAC Systems Duct Design 4th Edition Content

  • ForewordHVAC Systems Duct Design 4th Edition
  • HVAC duct construction task force
  • Notice to users of this publication
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Economics of duct systems
  • Room air distribution
  • General approach to duct design
  • Duct design fundamentals
  • Fan−duct connection pressure losses
  • Duct sizing procedures
  • Pressure loss of system components
  • Provisions for testing, adjusting, and balancing
  • Designing for sound and vibration
  • Duct system construction
  • Special duct systems
  • A: duct design tables and charts

This manual provides the duct system designer with the technical information required to design a complete air distribution system. This text has been extensively revised and updated, and now includes key portions of the previously separate Duct Design Home Course Study material.

Guidelines for installation of roof−mounted outdoor air−conditioner equipment. Supplement to the unit manufacturer’s specific installation instructions. Waterproofing illustrations and reminders covers curb and roof penetrations and sealings, as well as the interface between the roof and the location at which the unit, piping, electrical wiring, or sheet metal ductwork pass through the roof.In the private sector, each new construction or renovation project normally is governed by state laws or local ordinances that require compliance with specific health, safety, and property protection guidelines.


HVAC Systems Duct Design 4th Edition

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