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Plumbing Instant Answers

Plumbing Instant Answers

Plumbing Instant Answers code is complex. This chapter is not a replace-ment for the code, but it will give you a lot of pertinent infor-mation that you may use daily in a concise, accessible manner.

A majority of the tables provided here were generously provided by the International Code Council, Inc. and the International Plumbing Code 2000. The visual nature of this chapter will allow you to answer many of your code questions by simply reviewing the numerous tables.

In most cases, the tables will speak for themselves. While there may be some confusion, I will provide some insight in the use of a table. For the most part, this is a reference chapter that will not require heavy reading. Consider this your fast track to code facts.

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Plumbing Instant Answers Content

  1. IntroductionPlumbing Instant Answers
  2. Fast-Track Code Facts
  3. Mathematics for the Trade
  4. New Installations
  5. Existing Plumbing Systems
  6. Service and Repair Work
  7. Fixtures
  8. Water Heaters
  9. Gas Piping
  10. Radiant Heat Piping
  11. Septic Systems
  12. Private Water Supply Systems
  13. Troubleshooting
  14. Worksite Safety
  15. First Aid
  16. Reference and Conversion Tables and Data
  17. Index

Hundreds upon hundreds of tables and figures give you visual reference to countless plumbing scenarios. There are conversion tables, quick-reference tables, graphics, fast facts, and hard-hitting, easy-to-find details to make your work go faster, smoother, and more profitably. Who else but America’s plumber could have thought of and developed such a complete plumbing reference that is so fast and easy to use?

R. Dodge Woodson is the owner of Advanced Plumbing and a licensed master plumber and licensed master gasfitter with over 25 years of field experience. He has written many best-selling books for McGraw-Hill and has served as adjunct faculty for Central Maine Technical College as an instructor of both plumbing code classes and plumbing apprentice classes. Woodson has been called Amer-ica’s plumber and is well known internationally for his expertise in the trade. His reputation in the trade is undisputed.



Plumbing Instant Answers

Plumbing Instant Answers

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