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Plumbing and Piping Systems Inspection Notes: Up to Code

Plumbing and Piping Systems Inspection Notes: Up to Code

Plumbing and Piping Systems Inspection Notes: Up to Code comprise a series of manuals covering different CSI construction procedures and standards for commercial and industrial projects. Although based on the IBC 2003 and IRC 2003 codes, these guides are not intended to replace these codes or any of the other model codes and/or specifications in the contract documents. The goal is for the Inspector and/or project site managers to use these guides as a basis for establishing his or her inspection guidelines, and for providing the client with a well-built project meeting the specifications. The convenient sizing of these guides allows the Inspector to carry them around in a pocket, making code and standards information readily accessible. Further-more, our intent is for this reference tool to be instrumental in the construction of better buildings and to be a valuable training guide for those just entering the construction field.

Plumbing and Piping Systems Inspection Notes Content

  1. Each guide coverPlumbing and Piping Systems Inspection Notes: Up to Code
  2. Responsibility;
  3. Authority;
  4. Quality Control and Assurance;
  5. Plans and Specifications;
  6. Shop Drawings;
  7. Inspectors Daily Report;
  8. Pre-Construction Meeting;
  9. Equipment Proposal;
  10. Claims;
  11. Progress Schedules;
  12. Labor Enforcement;
  13. Storage of Materials;
  14. Contractor’s Payment;
  15. Rights-of-Way;
  16. Record Drawings;
  17. Project Turnover
  18. Inspection Files
  19. Recommended Equipment
  20. Inspection
  21. Safety.

The books help building pros establish and meet inspection guidelines, and provide clients with schedules and specifications. Each of the Up to Code: Inspection Notes is focused on the IBC (International Building Code), the most widely adopted building code in North America. Plumbing and Piping Systems will also focus on information from International Fuel Gas Code, and the International Plumbing Code. Most often, designers do not even read their own specifications. The most successfully implemented projects are those that allow time for thorough reviews and identification of potential problems.


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