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Piping Systems Manual

Piping Systems Manual

Piping Systems Manual author has compiled a top notch piping manual filled with relevant technical piping data located in a one-stop reference manual. His insightful on-the-job experiences at the beginning of each chapter add a personal touch to the technical data. A reference manual for both the piping designer and engineer. Great job!

The piping engineer for a project will encounter many issues outside of any strict definition of “piping.” There will be process equipment such as tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, structures, and so on. Early in a project, the piping engineer is asked to determine the horsepower of the pumps, so that electrical equipment may be sized. This often occurs before complete process information is available.

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Piping Systems Manual Content

  • AcknowledgmentsPiping Systems Manual
  • Introduction
  • Terminology
  • Reference Materials
  • Piping Codes
  • Specifications and Standards
  • Materials of Construction
  • Fittings
  • Valves and Appurtenances
  • Pipe Supports
  • Drafting Practice
  • Pressure Drop Calculations
  • Piping Project Anatomy
  • Specifications
  • Field Work and Start-up
  • What Goes Wrong
  • Special Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Strategies for Remote Locations

Piping Systems Manual Appendix

  1. Carbon Steel Pipe Schedule
  2. PVC Pipe Schedules
  3. Copper Tubing Schedules
  4. Material Properties of Some Common Piping Materials
  5. NEMA Enclosures
  6. IP Codes for Electrical Enclosures
  7. Steam Tables, English Units
  8. Steam Tables, SI Units
  9. Friction Losses

As the project continues, it is most often the piping engineer who becomes the focal point, the lightning rod, the bottle-neck. Operating and maintenance issues must always be considered, and are often left to the piping engineer to resolve. Broad knowledge of the other disciplines’ needs, as well as the industry served, is often required.

My task in writing this book was to concentrate on the piping side, though I have made some minor excursions into some of the areas described above. Perhaps if the publishers and the engineering community enjoy this book, they may permit me an opportunity to examine a broader scope at some later date.


Piping Systems Manual

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