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Pipe Stress Engineering

Pipe Stress Engineering

Pipe Stress Engineering is essentially the summary of the knowledge accumulated by the authors through 40 years of practice as piping mechanical engineers. I, the senior author, would like to use this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to many friends, colleagues, and supervisors for providing those learning opportunities and environments.

Pipe stress analysis calculates the stress in a piping system subject to normal operating loads such as pressure, weight, and thermal expansion, and occasional loads such as wind, earthquake, and water hammer. Because all piping systems are connected to equipment such as vessels, tanks, pumps, turbines, and compressors, the piping stress analysis also involves evaluation of the effect of the piping forces and moments to the connecting equipment. As the piping stress is controlled by the arrangement of the supports and restraints, the scope of piping stress includes also pipe supports.

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Pipe Stress Engineering Table of Content

  • AcknowledgmentsPipe Stress Engineering
  • Preface
  • Nomenclature
  • Introduction
  • Strength of Materials Basics
  • Thermal Expansion and Piping Flexibility
  • Code Stress Requirements
  • Flexible Connections
  • Interface with Stationary Equipment
  • Interface with Rotating Equipment
  • Transportation Pipeline and Buried Piping
  • Special Thermal Problems
  • Dynamic Analysis — Part 1: SDOF Systems and Basics
  • Dynamic Analysis — Part 2: MDOF Systems and Applications
  • Appendixes

Before the advent of the electronic computer, pipe stress analysis  handled by very specialized engineers.

Only large corporations and specialized firms had the personnel to do the job. It normally took a specialist to use the calculator non-stop for a couple of weeks just to analyze the flexibility of a moderately complex piping system to absorb the thermal expansion of the pipe. Because only very few of these engineers knew how to analyze piping stress, most engineers treated it as some type of a
mysterious subject.



Pipe Stress Engineering

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