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The Tribology Handbook second edition

The Tribology Handbook second edition

The Tribology Handbook second edition follows the pattern of the original, first published over twenty years ago. It aims to provide instant access to essential information on the performance of tribological components, and is aimed particularly at designers and engineers in industry.

Tribological Components are those which carry all the relative movements in machines. Their performance, therefore, makes a critical contribution to the reliability and efficiency of all machines. Also because they are the local areas of machines, where high forces and rapid movements are transmitted simultaneously, they are also the components most likely to fail, because of the concentration of energy that they carry. If anything is wrong with a machine or its method of use, these components are the mechanical fuses, which will indicate the existence of a problem. If this happens, guidance on the performance that these components would be expected to provide, can be invaluable.

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The Tribology Handbook second edition

  • Editor’s PrefaceThe Tribology Handbook second edition
  • List of Contributors
  • Selection of bearings
  • Plain bearings
  • Rolling bearings
  • Special bearings
  • Rotary driives
  • Linear drives
  • Seals
  • Lubricants
  • Lubrication of components
  • The Lubrication systems
  • Lubrication system components
  • Operation of lubrication systems and machines
  • Environmental effects
  • Failures
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Basic information
  • Design reference
  • Index

Designers of machines should also find the contents helpful, because they provide an atlas of component performance, aimed at providing the guidance needed when planning the feasibility of various possible layouts for a machine design. In a book of this size it is not possible to cover the whole of the technology of tribological components. More focused design procedures, standards and text books will do this, and hopefully guide engineers in how to get their designs close to the optimum. In a sense the objective of this handbook is to make sure that they do not get it wrong.


The Tribology Handbook second edition

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