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Principles of Turbomachinery in Air-Breathing Engines

Principles of Turbomachinery in Air-Breathing Engines

Principles of Turbomachinery in Air-Breathing Engines begins with a review of basic thermodynamics and fluid mechanics principles to motive their application to aero thermodynamics and real-life design issues. The approach is ideal for the reader who will face practical situations and design decisions in the gas turbine industry. Among its features are an emphasis on the role of entropy in assessing machine performance, a timely review of flow structures, revisiting the subsonic and supersonic De Laval nozzle as it applies to bladed turbomachinery components, and an applied review of boundary layer principles. The book highlights the importance of invariant properties across a turbomachinery component in carrying out real computational tasks.

The second book task is to prepare the student for practical design topics by placing him or her in appropriate real-life design settings. In proceeding from the first to the second task, I have made every effort to simplify the essential turbomachinery concepts, without compromising their analytical or design-related values.

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Principles of Turbomachinery in Air-Breathing Engines

  • PrefacePrinciples of Turbomachinery in Air-Breathing Engines
  • Introduction to Gas-Turbine Engines
  • Overview of Turbomachinery Nomenclature
  • Aerothermodynamics of Turbomachines and Design-Related Topics
  • Energy Transfer between a Fluid and a Rotor
  • Dimensional Analysis, Maps, and Specific Speed
  • Radial-Equilibrium Theory
  • Polytropic (Small-Stage) Efficiency
  • Axial-Flow Turbines
  • Axial-Flow Compressors
  • Radial-Inflow Turbines
  • Centrifugal Compressors
  • Turbine-Compressor Matching
  • References
  • Index

The book is intended for junior- and senior-level students in the mechanical and aerospace engineering disciplines, who are taking gas-turbine or propulsion courses. In its details, the text serves the students in two basic ways. First, it refamiliarizes them with specific fundamentals in the fluid mechanics and thermodynamics areas, which are directly relevant to the turbomachinery design and analysis aspects. In doing so, it purposely deviates from such inapplicable subtopics as external (unbound) flows around geometrically standard objects and airframe-wing analogies. Instead, turbomachinery subcomponents are utilized in such a way to impart the element of practicality and highlight the internal-flow nature of the subject at hand.


Principles of Turbomachinery in Air-Breathing Engines

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