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Mechanical Measurements 2nd Edition

Mechanical Measurements 2nd Edition

The second edition of Mechanical Measurements has been thoroughly revised and all errors that have come to my notice have been corrected. Additions  made at various places in the book. Notable additions are in the statistical analysis of measured data in Module I. Important questions regarding normality of deviations and identification of outliers discussed in great detail. These should interest the advanced reader who is looking for an understanding of these issues.

The semester system was to be introduced far in the future. Even when “Mechanical Measurements” was introduced as a subject of study the principles of measurements were never discussed fully, the emphasis being the descriptive study of instruments! In those days an average mechanical engineer did not have any background in measurement errors and their analysis. Certainly he did not know much about regression, design of experiments and related concepts.

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Mechanical Measurements 2nd Edition

  • PrefaceMechanical Measurements
  • Acknowledgements
  • Nomenclature
  • Contents
  • Measurements, Error Analysis and Design of Experiments
  • Measurements and Errors in measurement
  • Regression analysis
  • Design of experiments
  • Measurements of Temperature
  • Systematic errors in temperature measurement
  • Heat flux and Heat Transfer Coefficient
  • Measurement of Pressure, Fluid velocity, Volume flow rate, Stagnation and Bulk mean temperatures
  • Measurement of Pressure
  • The Measurement of Fluid Velocity
  • Volume flow rate
  • Stagnation and Bulk mean temperature
  • Thermo-physical properties, Radiation proper-ties of surfaces, Gas concentration, Force/Ac-celeration,torque and power
  • Measurement of thermo-physical properties
  • Radiation properties of surfaces
  • Gas concentration

In recent times there have been rapid changes in the way we perceive measurements because new technologies have become accessible to any one who cares to use them. Many of the instruments that one takes for granted now were actually not there when I started my engineering studies in the 1960’s. Training we received in those days, in Mechanical Engineering did not include a study of “Mechanical Measurements”. Electrical Engineers were better off because they studied “Electrical Measurements” for a year.


Mechanical Measurements 2nd Edition

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