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Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers is designed to serve as a resource for exploring and understanding basic electrical engineering concepts, principles, analytical strategies and mathematical strategies.

Many Non-engineering professionals as well as engineers who are not electrical engineers tend to have a phobia related to electrical engineering. One reason for this apprehensiveness about electrical engineering is due to the fact that electrical engineering is premised concepts, methods and mathematical techniques that are somewhat more abstract than those employed in other disciplines, such as civil, mechanical, environmental and industrial engineering. Yet, because of the prevalence and ubiquitous nature of the electrical equipment, appliances, and the role electricity plays in our daily lives, the non-electrical professionals find themselves interfacing with systems and dealing with matters that broach into the electrical realm. Therein lies the purpose and objective of this book.

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In this book, the study of electrical engineering concepts, principles and analysis techniques  made relatively easy for the reader by inclusion of most of the reference data, in form of excerpts from different parts of the book, within the discussion of each case study, exercise and self assessment problem solutions. This is in an effort to facilitate quick study
and comprehension of the material without repetitive search for reference data in other parts of the book.

Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers Content

  • Electrical Engineering BasicsElectrical Engineering
  • DC Circuit Analysis and Basic Electronic Devices
  • Alternating Current (AC) Fundamentals
  • DC and AC Power
  • Power Factor
  • Demand, Load Factor, Service Factor and Electrical Power Bill Computation
  • Electric Motors and Generators
  • Power Distribution Equipment, Instrumentation and Electronic Safety Devices.
  • National Electric Code, NFPA® 70 E and Electrical Standards
  • Electrical and Controls Drawings
  • Electrical Power Rate Schedules and Electrical Energy
  • Illumination and Lighting System Design
  • Index


Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers

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