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Handbook Of Shaft Alignment

Handbook Of Shaft Alignment

Shaft Alignment Handbook Two editions later, this bestselling handbook is still the most trusted and widely embraced guide in the field. The third edition was reorganized, updated, and expanded to be more convenient, intuitive, and to reflect the latest developments in the area. Dedicated chapters now discuss the basics of alignment modeling, each of the five basic alignment methods, and electro-optic methods. Significant new material reflects recent findings on detecting misalignment, machinery movement from off line to running conditions, multiple element drive trains, and specific information on virtually every type of rotating machinery in existence. Entirely new chapters explore bore and parallel alignment.Providing detailed guidance based on years of hands-on experience, the Shaft Alignment Handbook, Third Edition is a practical tool to help avoid costly shutdowns, dangerous failures, and early replacements.

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Handbook Of Shaft Alignment Content

  1. Introduction to Shaft Alignment
  2. Detecting Misalignment on Rotating Machinery
  3. Foundations, Baseplates, Installation, and Piping Strain.
  4. Flexible and Rigid Couplings
  5. Preliminary Alignment Checks
  6. Shaft Alignment Measuring Tools
  7. Correcting Misalignment
  8. Alignment Modeling Basics
  9. Defining Misalignment: Alignment and Coupling Tolerances
  10. Reverse Indicator Method
  11. Face and Rim Methods
  12. Double Radial Method
  13. Shaft to Coupling Spool Method
  14. Face–Face Method
  15. Electronic and Electro-Optical Shaft Alignment Systems
  16. Measuring and Compensating for Off-Line to Running Machinery Movement.
  17. Aligning Multiple-Element Drive Systems
  18. Aligning V-Belt Drives.
  19. Bore Alignment
  20. Parallel Alignment.
  21. Alignment Considerations for Specific Types of Machinery
  22. The History of Machinery Alignment
  23. Appendices
  24. Appendix A Machinery Data Card
  25. Appendix B Sample Preliminary Alignment Record Sheet

Rotating machinery is the heart of many industrial operations, but many engineers and technicians perform shaft alignment by guesswork or with limited knowledge of the tools and methods available to accurately and effectively align their machinery. Two decades ago, John Piotrowski conferred upon the field an unprecedented tool


Handbook Of Shaft Alignment

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