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Design Engineer’s Case Studies and Examples

Design Engineer’s Case Studies and Examples

Design Engineer’s Case Studies and Examples has been written for these young engineers. The contents have been selected on typical subjects that developing engineers may be expected to cover in their professional career and gives solutions to typical problems that may arise in mechanical design.

The design examples selected are mainly static problems, and the writer has tried to give as wide a selection as possible in the space available. It was deliberated whether to include a selection of fatigue related problems, and after careful reflection the subject was considered to be beyond the scope of this book.

The subjects covered include the following:

  1. Introduction to stress calculations
  2. Beam sections subject to bending
  3. Shaft design basics
  4. Keys and spline strength calculations
  5. Columns and struts
  6. Gearing
  7. Introduction to material selection
  8. Conversions and general tables

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Design Engineer’s Case Studies and Examples content

  • PrefaceDesign Engineer's Case Studies and Examples
  • About the Author
  • Introduction to Stress and Strain
  • Beam Sections Subject to Bending
  • Shaft Design Basics
  • Combined Torsion and Bending
  • Keys and Spline Calculations
  • Methods of Attachments
  • Columns and Struts
  • Eccentric Loading
  • Flat Plates
  • Thick Cylinders
  • Energy Formulae
  • Gearing.
  • Introduction to Material Selection
  • General Tables
  • Bibliography

In recent years many institutions, including the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, have seen a considerable increase in applications for Eng.Tech. registration. These applicants may be following a work-based learning program such as an apprenticeship and enrolled in the institution of their choice as a student member. Individuals who do not have any formal qualifications may also apply for registration by demonstrating at an interview that they have the required experience and competence through substantial working experience and by showing that they have sufficient working knowledge and understanding of the technical issues relating to their area of work.


Design Engineer’s Case Studies and Examples

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