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International Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2018

International Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2018

International Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2018 covers design and performance criteria for circulation systems including components, devices, and related technology installed to protect against entrapment hazards in residential and public swimming pools, wading pools, in ground spas, infinity edge basins, (infinity edge type pools) and catch Pools, and Aquatic Recreation Facilities.

Portable Factory Built Electric Spas/Hot Tubs. Suction entrapment avoidance guidelines for portable electric spas/hot tubs are not covered by this standard they are covered by UL 1563, Electric Spas, equipment Assemblies, and Associated Equipment.

The provisions of this standard are not intended to prevent the use of any alternative material, system, or method of construction, provided any such alternative meets the intent and requirements of this standard, follows manufacturer’s product specific instructions and is approved by the authority having jurisdiction.

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International Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2018 Contents

  • Sections PageInternational Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2018
  • American National Standard
  • Foreword.
  • Scope.
  • Normative References
  • Definitions.
  • General requirements for suction entrapment avoidance
  • systems and components
  • New construction
  • Existing pools and spas
  • A:Symbols
  • B:Field Checklist for Identifying Suction Entrapments Hazards
  • C:Suction Entrapment Warning
  • D:Sources of Material

The objective of this voluntary standard is to provide recommended minimum guidelines for suction entrapment avoidance in the design, equipment, operation, and installation of new and existing swimming pools, wading pools, spas, hot tubs, and catch basins for builders, installers, pool operators, and service professionals.

The design recommendations and construction practices in this standard are based upon sound engineering principles, research, and field experience that, when applied properly, contribute to the delivery and installation of a safe product.

All associated electrical components installed in and/or adjacent to the circulation system shall comply with the requirements of the National Electrical Code, Article 680, Swimming pools, fountains, and similar installations, or the applicable revision and any state or local codes


International Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2018

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