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International Fuel Gas Code 2021

International Fuel Gas Code 2021


International Fuel Gas Code 2021is kept up to date through the review of proposed changes submitted by code enforcing officials, industry representatives, design professionals and other interested parties. Proposed changes are carefully considered through an open code development process in which interested and affected parties may participate.

The contents of this work are subject to change through both the Code Development Cycles and the governmental body that enacts the code into law. For more information regarding the code development process, contact the Codes and Standards Development Department of the International Code Council.

Addresses the design and installation of fuel gas systems and gas fired appliances through prescriptive and performance requirements. Key changes include:

  • The termination of concealed condensate piping requires marking to indicate if it is the primary drain or the secondary drain.
  • Press-connect joints are acceptable for high pressure (over 5 psig) applications indoors.
  • Commercial cooking appliances not allowed within dwelling units.

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International Fuel Gas Code 2021 Product details

  • Series: International Fuel Gas CodeInternational Fuel Gas Code 2021
  • Edition:1st
  • Published:2020
  • ISBN(s):9781609839666
  • Number of Pages:201
  • File Size:1 file , 7.8 MBRedline
  • Froduct Code(s):3600S21, 3600S21

The IFGC is a model code that regulates the design and installation of fuel gas distribution piping and systems, appliances, appliance venting systems, combustion air provisions, gaseous hydrogen systems and motor vehicle gaseous-fuel-dispensing stations. The definition of fuel gas includes natural, liquefied petroleum and manufactured gases and mixtures of these gases.

The purpose of the code is to establish the minimum acceptable level of safety and to protect life and property from the potential dangers associated with the storage, distribution and usage of fuel gases and the byproducts of combustion of such fuels. The code also protects the personnel that install, maintain, service and replace the systems and appliances addressed by this code.


International Fuel Gas Code 2021

International Fuel Gas Code 2021

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