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International Mechanical Code 2018

International Mechanical Code 2018

IMC-2018 The International Mechanical Code 2018 is kept up to date through the review of proposed changes submitted by code enforcement officials, industry representatives, design professionals and other interested parties. Proposed changes are carefully considered through an open code development process in which all interested and affected parties may participate.

The ICC Code Development Process reflects principles of openness, transparency, balance, due process and consensus, the principles embodied in OMB Circular A-119, which governs the federal government’s use of private-sector standards. The ICC process is open to anyone; there is no cost to participate, and people can participate without travel cost through the ICC’s cloud-based app, cdp-
Access. A broad cross section of interests are represented in the ICC Code Development Process.

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The International Mechanical Code 2018

  • Scope and Administration.International Mechanical Code 2018
  • Definitions
  • General Regulations.
  • Ventilation
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Duct Systems
  • Combustion Air.
  • Chimneys and Vents
  • Specific Appliances, Fireplaces and Solid Fuel-burning Equipment.
  • Boilers, Water Heaters and Pressure Vessels
  • Refrigeration
  • Hydronic Piping.
  • Fuel Oil Piping and Storage
  • Solar Thermal Systems
  • Referenced Standards
  • A Chimney Connector Pass-throughs
  • B Recommended Permit Fee Schedule

This 2018 edition presents the code as originally issued, with changes reflected in the 2003 through 2015 editions and further changes approved by the ICC Code Development Process through 2016.

provisions that do not unnecessarily increase construction costs; provisions that do not restrict the use of new materials, products or methods of construction; and provisions that do not give preferential treatment to particular types or classes of materials, products or methods of construction.

The contents of this work are subject to change through the code development cycles and by any governmental entity that enacts the code into law. For more information regarding the code development process, contact the Codes and Standards Development Department of the International Code Council.



International Mechanical Code 2018

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