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International Existing Building Code 2018

International Existing Building Code 2018

The International Existing Building Code 2018  is a model code in the International Code family of codes intended to provide requirements for repair and alternative approaches for alterations and additions to existing buildings. A large number of existing buildings and structures do not comply with the current building code requirements for new construction. Although many of these buildings are potentially salvageable, rehabilitation is often cost-prohibitive because compliance with all the requirements for new construction could require extensive changes that go well beyond the value of the building or the original scope of the alteration.

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International Existing Building Code 2018 Content

  • Chapters SubjectsInternational Existing Building Code 2018
  • Administrative Requirements and Definitions
  • Provisions for all Compliance Methods
  • Repairs
  • Prescriptive Compliance Method for Existing Buildings
  • Work Area Compliance Method for Existing Buildings
  • Performance Compliance Method for Existing Buildings
  • Relocated Buildings
  • Construction Safeguards
  • Referenced Standards
  • A: Guidelines for Seismic Retrofit of Existing Buildings
  • B: Supplementary Accessibility Requirements for Existing Buildings
  • C: Guidelines for Wind Retrofit of Existing Buildings
  • Resource A Guidelines on Fire Ratings of Archaic Materials and Assemblies

At the same time, it is necessary to regulate construction in existing buildings that undergo additions, alterations, extensive repairs or change of occupancy. Such activity represents an opportunity to ensure that new construction complies with
the current building codes and that existing conditions are maintained, at a minimum, to their current level of compliance or are improved as required to meet basic safety levels. To accomplish this objective, and to make the alteration process easier, this code allows for options for controlled departure from full compliance with the International Codes dealing with new construction, while
maintaining basic levels for fire prevention, structural and life safety features of the rehabilitated building.

This code provides three main options for a designer in dealing with alterations of existing buildings.


International Existing Building Code 2018

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