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HVAC Training summery – Dar El Handasah

HVAC Training summery – Dar El Handasah

HVAC Training summery is a summary for ASHRAE book “Fundamentals of HVAC Systems”, and it was prepared to cover the Majority of the contents discussed in the book by giving a brief description about each topic, meanwhile keeping the meaning clear and simple.

Some chapters are followed by an additional section called “Extras” which contains Extra information about a certain topic previously discussed in the chapter, and this section was obtained from internet search, and the source is listed at the end of this section.

ASHRAE book “Fundamentals of HVAC Systems” contains the basic principles HVAC systems, covering a Varity of topics such as: Thermal Comfort, IAQ, Zoning, Hydronic Systems, Central Plants, Controls, Energy Conservation Measures.

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HVAC Training summery – Dar El Handasah Content

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to HVAC 1

1.1 Introduction HVAC Training summery,HVAC Training,HVAC,ASHRAE book,HVAC Systems
1.2 Brief History of HVAC
1.3 Scope of Modern HVAC
1.4 Introduction to Air-conditioning Processes
1.5 Objective: What is your system to achieve?
1.6 Environment For Human Comfort
1.7 Extras

  • Chapter 2 Introduction to HVAC Systems

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Introducing the Psychrometric Chart
2.3 Basic Air-Conditioning System
2.4 Zoned Air-Conditioning Systems
2.5 Choosing an Air-Conditioning System
2.6 System Choice Matrix
2.7 Extras

  • Chapter 3 Thermal Comfort 20

3.1 Introduction: What is Thermal Comfort?
3.2 Seven Factors Influencing Thermal Comfort
3.3 Conditions for Comfort
3.4 Managing Under Less Than Ideal Conditions
3.5 Extras

  • Chapter 4 Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Air Pollutants and Contaminants
4.3 Indoor Air Quality Effects on Health and Comfort
4.4 Controlling Indoor Air Quality 25
4.5 The Use of Carbon Dioxide to Control Ventilation Rate 28
4.6 Extras

  • Chapter 5 Zones

5.1 Introduction
5.2 What is a Zone?
5.3 Zoning Design
5.4 Controlling the Zone

  • Chapter 6 Single zone Air Handlers and Unitary Equipment

6.1 Introduction
6.2 Examples of Buildings with Single-zone Package Air-Conditioning Units
6.3 Air-Handling Unit Components
6.4 Refrigeration Equipment
6.5 System Performance Requirements
6.6 Rooftop Units
6.7 Split Systems
6.8 Extras

  • Chapter 7 Multiple Zone Air

7.1 Introduction
7.2 Single-Duct, Zoned Reheat, Constant Volume Systems
7.3 Single-Duct, Variable Air Volume Systems
7.4 By-pass Box Systems
7.5 Constant Volume Dual-Duct, All-Air Systems
7.6 Multizone Systems
7.7 Three-deck Multizone Systems
7.8 Dual-Duct, Variable Air Volume Systems
7.9 Dual Path Outside Air Systems
7.10 Extras

  • Chapter 8 Hydronic Systems
  • 9 Hydronic System Architecture
  • 10 Central Plants
  •  11 Controls
  •  12 Energy Conservation measures
  •  13 Special Applications



HVAC Training summery – Dar El Handasah

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