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Carrier TDP 201 Psychrometrics Level 1 Introduction

Carrier TDP 201 Psychrometrics Level 1 Introduction

Technical Development Programs Carrier TDP 201 Psychrometrics are modules of technical training on HVAC theory, system design, equipment selection and application topics. They are targeted at engineers and designers who wish to develop their knowledge in this field to effectively design, specify, sell or apply HVAC equipment in commercial applications.

Psychrometrics is the study of the air and water vapor mixture. Proficiency in the use of the psychrometric chart is an important tool for designers of air conditioning systems. Psychrometrics is required to properly calculate heating and cooling loads, select equipment, and design air distribution systems. While the topic is not complicated, it involves a number of formulas and their application; the psychrometric chart is useful in simplifying the calculations.

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Carrier TDP 201 Psychrometrics Level 1 Introduction Content

  • IntroductionCarrier TDP 201 Psychrometrics
    What is Psychrometrics?
  • Properties of Air and Vapor
    How Air and Water Vapor are Measured
    Humidity and Its Sources
    How the Air-Vapor Mixture Reacts
    Temperature and Pressure
  • Building the Psychrometric Chart
    Dry Bulb Temperature Scale
    Specific Humidity Scale
    Dew Point and the Saturation Line
    Relative Humidity Lines
    Wet Bulb Temperature Lines
    Specific Volume Lines
    Enthalpy Scale (Total Heat Content)
  • State Point
    Using the Psychrometric Chart
    Examples Using State Points
    Air Conditioning Processes
    Eight Basic Process Types
    Sensible and Latent Heat
    The Sensible Heat Factor
    Sensible Heat Factor Scale
    Sensible Heating and Cooling
    Humidification and Dehumidification
  • Air Mixing
    Finding Room Airflow
    Evaporative Cooling
    Cooling with Dehumidification
    Cooling Coils and the Bypass Factor
    Evaporative Cooling and Humidity Control
    Heating and Humidification
    Heating and Dehumidification
  • Process Chart
  • Summary
  • Work Session 1
  • Work Session 2
  • Appendix
  • List of Symbols and Abbreviations
  • Thermodynamic Properties of Water At Saturation: U.S. Units
  • Thermodynamic Properties of Moist Air: U.S. Units
  • Psychrometric Chart, Normal Temperature, Sea Level
  • Work Session 1 Answers .



Carrier TDP 201 Psychrometrics Level 1 Introduction

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