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Kidde Argonite Fire Suppression System

Kidde Argonite Fire Suppression System

Kidde Argonite Fire Suppression System are clean agent, automatic extinguishing systems that use Argonite (IG-55) and consist of four basic components and their associated accessories:

Argonite Cylinders and Components,
Completer Kits,
Control Panels,
Detection and Alarm Devices.

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Argonite is an inert gas mixture, in equal parts, of Nitrogen and Argon. Both substances are naturally occurring and present in the atmosphere. Argonite is safe for use in occupied spaces and poses no threat to the environment.

1. Argonite Components consist of the agent cylinders, cylinder racking and the agent discharge nozzles.Argonite Fire Suppression System
2. The Completer Kits provide all the basic components necessary to operate the Argonite cylinders. The kits consist of hoses, connection fittings, pressure
gauges, actuation devices required to operate the cylinder valve and warning signs to be displayed in the area(s) protected by an Argonite fire extinguishing system.
3. The Control Panels vary in features and complexity but in all cases are used to monitor the detection, actuate the alarms, initiate the agent discharge and
control auxiliary functions such as shut down of vital equipment and ventilation dampers.
4. The Detection and Alarm devices provide fire detection by means of thermal or smoke detectors, audible and visual pre-alarm warnings and annunciation of the Argonite discharge.

Argonite Fire Suppression System DESCRIPTION

Argonite is a mixture of 50% pure Nitrogen and 50% pure Argon. the Argonite contains only naturally occurring substances, and as such, has no ozone depletion potential and no direct global warming potential.

The Argonite extinguishes by means of reducing the oxygen content within a room to the point at which fire can no longer burn, but without compromising the safety of individuals present. There are no toxicological factors associated with the use of Argonite. Argonite will not decompose or produce any by-products when exposed to a flame from a fire condition.

Argonite™ is a simple blend of 50% Argon gas and 50% Nitrogen gas with a density similar to that of air. Both Argon and Nitrogen are clean, naturally occurring gases that are readily available throughout the world. The system has no direct global warming or ozone depletion potential. Argonite™ requires minimal post-fire cleanup and will not decompose or produce any by-products when exposed to a flame from a fire situation.


Kidde Argonite Fire Suppression System


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