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The Illustrated Guide to Ventilation

The Illustrated Guide to Ventilation

The Illustrated Guide to Ventilation, whether provided by mechanical or natural means, is crucial to provide a comfortable, healthy and ultimately productive working environment. This new guide addresses the design and performance issues of the three main types of ventilation:

  • Natural ventilation
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Mixed-mode ventilation.

The effective ventilation of buildings has always been a primary design requirement. But in recent times more stringent energy conservation standards have sought to improve the thermal performance of building fabric and reduce levels of uncontrolled infiltration. Among other things this has put greater emphasis on the correct design of windows and mechanical ventilation systems. No longer can designers expect natural infiltration to help maintain air quality. What you specify and what you procure will almost wholly determine what you’ll get.

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Correct specification, careful detailing, accurate installation, thorough commissioning and diligent post-handover fine-tuning are now of equal importance in order to achieve a satisfactory ventilation system. They are all of equal ranking. Skimp on any one, and a ventilation design can be fatally compromised.

The Illustrated Guide to Ventilation Content

  • ALPHABETICAL LIST OF SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENTThe Illustrated Guide to Ventilation
  • Types of natural ventilation
  • Design and application issues
  • Types of mechanical ventilation
  • Design and application issues
  • Supply air terminal devices
  • Use with low carbon technologies
  • Control of mechanical ventilation
  • Key design and application checks
  • Night cooling

This guide therefore not only describes the basics of ventilation, with copious pictures and illustrations to show how things work and the often subtle differences between components, but also points out key design checks that are necessary to achieve a high quality system. Inevitably, the guide is often more geared to the skilled designer than the lay client, but such guidance is rarely read in isolation from other members of the project team. BSRIA is also available to help its Members understand the more complex issues that the Guide sometimes raises. It’s BSRIA’s view that it’s better to provide too much information than leave readers with begged questions.


The Illustrated Guide to Ventilation

The Illustrated Guide to Ventilation

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