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The Illustrated Guide to Hot and Cold Water Services

The Illustrated Guide to Hot and Cold Water Services

The Illustrated Guide to Hot and Cold Water Services Ready access to a supply of clean water is essential to our daily activity whether at home or in the workplace. We rely on water for drinking, cooking, washing and the removal of sewage. If the supply of water fails then normal life quickly becomes difficult or impossible.This guide explains the principles and technology used in hot and cold water services, also known as domestic water services, in all types of buildings. There is also a brief section on drainage as this is not covered by other BSRIA guides. This guide does not consider water in heating and cooling systems or cooling towers for which reference should be made to The Illustrated Guide to Mechanical Services.

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For construction clients, this guide provides a simple insight into the main system options discussed during the briefing process and can consequently assist dialogue with the design team. It can also help clients to identify and raise technical questions which they feel are relevant to their organisation’s specific needs. For construction professionals, the guide provides a quick reference to hot and cold water services systems and can assist their working knowledge of the subject.


  • OVERVIEWThe Illustrated Guide to Hot and Cold Water Services
  • Commissioning
  • Handover
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance and maintainability/access
  • Monitoring for water quality
  • Corrosion
  • Erosion
  • Noise and vibration
  • Prevention of bursting and joint failure

Building users have a right to expect that tap water is safe to drink and delivered without hazard. There are significant health and safety issues that need to be considered when designing, installing and maintaining hot and cold water services in buildings.


The Illustrated Guide to Hot and Cold Water Services

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