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Essential Concepts of Bearing Technology 5th Edition

Essential Concepts of Bearing Technology 5th Edition

Essential Concepts of Bearing Technology builds a basic understanding of the fundamentals underlying the use, design, and performance of rolling bearings. It serves as a stand-alone introduction cutting across the array of disciplines necessary to evaluate and comprehend the performance and behavior of most types of rolling bearings. The authors derive the mathematics and theories underlying catalog values given by manufacturers and lead you from the various types of bearings through bearing geometry, applied loading, internal load distribution, deformation, functional performance, and structural materials.
Essential Concepts of Bearing Technology is an ideal introduction for students and a practical guide for professionals who need more than empirical data to evaluate and compare the performance of various types of bearings from different manufacturers in common applications.

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  • Rolling Bearing Types and ApplicationsEssential Concepts of Bearing Technology
  • Rolling Bearing Macro-geometry
  • Interference Fitting and Clearance
  • Bearing Loads and Speeds
  • Ball and Roller Loads Due to Bearing Applied Loading
  • Contact Stress and Deformation
  • Distributions of Internal Loading in Statically Loaded Bearing
  • Bearing Deflection and Pre-loading
  • Permanent Deformation and Bearing Static Capacity
  • Kinematic Speeds, Friction Torque, and Power Loss
  • Fatigue Life: Basic Theory and Rating Standards
  • Lubricants and Lubrication Techniques
  • Structural Materials of Bearings
  • Vibration, Noise, and Condition Monitoring
  • References
  • Appendix

For the last four decades, Tedric Harris’ Rolling Bearing Analysis has been the “bible” for engineers involved in rolling bearing technology. Why do so many students and practicing engineers rely on this book? The answer is simple: because of its complete coverage from low- to high-speed applications and full derivations of the underlying mathematics from a leader in the field. The fifth edition of this classic reference is divided conveniently into two volumes, each focused on a specialized area of bearing technology. This option allows you to select the coverage that is best suited to your needs.


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