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Bearing Tribology: Principles and Applications

Bearing Tribology: Principles and Applications

Bearing Tribology: Principles and Applications systematically reviews the latest advances in applications for this field. It describes advanced tribological design, theory and methods, and provides practical technical references for investments in bearing design and manufacturing. The theories, methods and cases in this book  largely derived from the practical engineering experience gained and research conducted by the author and her team since the 2000s. The book includes academic papers, technical reports and patent literature, and offers a valuable guide for engineers involved in bearing design.

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Bearing Tribology: Principles and Applications contents :

  • Front MatterBearing Tribology
  • Friction, Wear, and Lubrication in the Bearing Application
  • Bearing Surface Contact
  • Mechanism of Bearing Friction and Wear
  • Materials for Bearing Frictional Pairs
  • Sliding Bearing Lubrication Theory
  • Rolling Bearing Lubrication Theory
  • Bearing Lubrication Application
  • Friction and Wear Testing Technology in the Bearing
  • Fault Diagnosis and Status Monitoring of the Bearing
  • Applied Tribology in the Bearing

Therefore it is natural that rolling bearings should come to play such a prominent role and that over the years they have been applied in various fields such as mechanical equipment, instruments, home appliances, electronic computers, vehicles, and aerospace.

Tribology is a complex and integrated course and has been influencing people’s life for a long time. In this sector, in order to supply a general understanding of friction, wear and lubrication, the basic definition of tribology  introduced first; then research objects, missions, and characteristics of tribology will be introduced.

Under external force resistance, the interaction of the two objects impeding movement from their relative motion called friction force, and the phenomenon is known as friction. The generation of friction should meet the following three conditions:

a. two objects (or two parts of an object);
b. the contact;
c. the relative motion (or relative motion trend).


Bearing Tribology: Principles and Applications

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