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Fundamentals Of Steam System Design IP Edition

Fundamentals Of Steam System Design IP Edition

Fundamentals Of Steam System Design IP Edition  will develop an understanding of the basic concepts of steam systems including terminology, properties of a system,also  analysis and design. After completing the course, you will develop an understanding of:

  • Characteristics of steam
  • Steam system types
  • Terminal equipment in steam systems
  • Steam system components with both their function and location in the system
  • Steam and condensate pipe sizing and  support, also insulation
  • traps and condensate receiver sizing also selection and placement


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Fundamentals Of Steam System Design IP Edition Content :

  • Introduction to Steam System Design – Introduction and review of thermodynamic fundamentals.


  • HVAC Steam Systems

Steam and condensate; advantages of steam; basics of Steam Systems in HVAC; operating pressures of steam systems; steam heating systems;also steam condensate systems; and boiler connections.

  • Terminal Units I – Natural convection units; ratings of heat-distributing units and corrections for nonstandard conditions also applications.
  • Terminal Units II – Unit heaters; unit ventilators; fan-coil units; cabinet heaters; induction units; and air-handling units also.


  • Boilers – Boilers, boiler classifications and  fuels and combustion; efficiency also cost of producing steam; and boiler sizing.


  • Steam Valves, Steam Traps, Flash Tanks, and Condensate Receiver Tanks

Fundamentals of valves; manual valves; self-contained valves; safety devices; steam traps; also  flash steam; and condensate receiver tanks.

  • Steam Piping Design – Pipe sizing; piping; pipe materials; insulation and  pipe expansion; also pipe supporting elements.


  • This is an excellent course for anyone who needs information on both  design and analysis of steam systems.
  • A basic knowledge of both thermodynamics and psychrometrics, fundamentals of HVAC systems, also fundamentals of heating and cooling loads is assumed.


  • The target audience is:
  • Recent engineering graduates who need additional courses in HVAC&R also topics to improve their on-the-job performance
  • Engineers who have recently entered the HVAC&R field from also other engineering disciplines Technicians who want to increase their knowledge and skills in HVAC&R.
  • Architects, construction and building management professionals, also others responsible for the performance of HVAC&R systems.


Fundamentals Of Steam System Design IP Edition

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