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ASHRAE District Heating Guide

ASHRAE District Heating Guide

The purpose of ASHRAE District Heating Guide is to provide guidance for all major aspects of district heating system design. The guidance is organized in such a manner as to be of use to the inexperienced designer of district heating systems as well as to provide a comprehensive reference to those immersed in the district heating industry. In addition to design guidance, information on operation and maintenance has also been included.

District heating distributes thermal energy normally in the form of hot water or steam from a central source to residential, commercial, and/or industrial consumers for use in space heating, domestic hot water heating, process heating, cooking, and  also humidification. Thus, the heating effect comes from a distribution medium rather than being generated on site at each facility.

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ASHRAE District Heating Guide Content

  • AcknowledgmentsASHRAE District Heating Guide
  • Acronyms
  • Introduction
  • Planning and System Selection
  • Central Plant Design for Steam and Hot Water
  • Distribution Systems
  • Consumer Interconnection
  • Thermal Storage
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • A · 96-Hour Boiling Water Test
  • B · Climatic Constants
  • C · Case Studies
  • D · Terminology for District Heating

Generating heat in a central plant is normally more efficient that using in-building equipment and, thus, the environmental impacts  normally reduced. The greater efficiencies arise due to the larger equipment and the ability to stage that equipment to closely match the load yet remain within the equipment range of highest efficiency. District heating systems may take advantage of diversity of demand across all users in the system and may also implement technologies such as thermal storage more readily than individual building heating systems.

Whether the system is a public utility or user owned, such as a multi-building campus, it has economic and environmental benefits depending largely on the particular application. Historically, successful district heating systems have had the political backing and support of the community.


ASHRAE District Heating Guide

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