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Vibration Problems in Machines Diagnosis and Resolution

Vibration Problems in Machines Diagnosis and Resolution

Vibration Problems in Machines Diagnosis and Resolution explains how to infer information about the internal operations of rotating machines from external measurements through methods used to resolve practical plant problems. Second edition includes summary of instrumentation, methods for establishing machine rundown data, relationship between the rundown curves and the ideal frequency response function. The section on balancing has been expanded and examples are given on the strategies for balancing a rotor with a bend, with new section on instabilities. It includes case studies with real plant data, MATLAB® scripts and functions for the modelling and analysis of rotating machines.

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Vibration Problems in Machines Diagnosis and Resolution Content

  • IntroductionVibration Problems in Machines Diagnosis and Resolution
  • Data presentation
  • Modeling and Analysis
  • Faults in Machines
  • Faults in Machines
  • Rotor-Stator Interaction
  • Machine Identification
  • Some Further Analysis Methods
  • Case Studies
  • Overview and Outlook
  • References
  • Solutions to Problems
  • Index

The understanding of vibration signals from turbo-machinery is an important feature of many industries. It forms the basis of condition monitoring and is of crucial importance in the rapid diagnosis and rectification of faults. The field calls for a wide range of skills ranging from instrumentation expertise to mathematical manipulation and signal processing. The focus is on gaining a physical understanding of the processes giving rise to the vibration signal. This may be viewed as a process of seeking to infer internal
conditions from (sometimes limited) external measured data.

The material in this book stems from my experiences both in industry and, in more recent years, from teaching and research in academia. Inevitably, my own experiences have to some degree influenced my choice of examples. In my various posts, I have had fruitful interactions with many people who have
significantly enhanced my perception of problems inmachinery



Vibration Problems in Machines Diagnosis and Resolution

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