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Gas Turbines Materials, Modeling and Performance

Gas Turbines Materials, Modeling and Performance

Gas Turbines Materials Modeling and Performance presents current research in the area of gas turbines for different applications. It is a highly useful book providing a variety of topics ranging from basic understanding about the materials and coatings selection, designing and modeling of gas turbines to advanced technologies for their ever increasing efficiency, which is the need of the hour for modern gas turbine industries.

The target audience for this book is material scientists, gas turbine engine design and maintenance engineers, manufacturers, mechanical engineers, undergraduate, post graduate students and academic researchers. The design and maintenance engineers in aerospace and gas turbine industry will benefit from the contents and discussions in this book.

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Gas Turbines Materials, Modeling and Performance

  • cover
  • Preface
  • contentGas Turbines Materials, Modeling and Performance
  • Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade Vibration Due to Random Excitation
  • The Influence of Inlet Air Cooling and After burning on Gas Turbine Co-generation Groups Performance
  • The Importance of Hot Corrosion and Its Effective Prevention for Enhanced Efficiency of Gas Turbines
  • High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Thermal Barrier Coatings
  • Combustion Modeling for Training Power Plant Simulators
  • index

In recent times, a considerable impact has been made on the modeling of dynamic characteristics of rotating structures. Some of the dynamic characteristics of interest are critical speed, systems stability and response to unbalance excitation. In the case of Gas Turbines (GT), the successful operation of the engine depends largely on the structural integrity of its rotor shaft.

co-generation is defined as combined production of power and thermal energy from the same fuel source, represented by natural gas, liquid fuel, refinery gas, etc. In conventional energy production the efficiency is approximately 40 %, but through co-generation it can reach even 90 %. Fuel supply and increased performance requirements, environment concerns, continuously variable market conditions have contributed to the development of the gas turbines.


Gas Turbines Materials, Modeling and Performance


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