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Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook

Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook

Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook Presents necessary data and helpful suggestions to assist engineers to obtain optimum performance for any gas turbine, under all conditions-Serves as a desk reference both for students and professionals The gas turbine is a power plant which produces a great amount of energy for its size and weight and thus has found increasing service in the past 20 years in the petrochemical industry and utilities throughout the world. The gas turbine’s compactness, weight, and multiple fuel applications make it a natural power plant for offshore platforms.

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Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook Contents

  • Part I Design: Theory and PracticeGas Turbine Engineering Handbook
  • An overview of gas turbines
  • Theoretical and actual cycle analysis
  • Compressor and turbine performance characteristics
  • Performance and mechanical standards
  • Rotor dynamics.
  • Part II Major Components
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Axial-flow compressors
  • Radial-inflow turbines
  • Axial-flow turbines
  • Combustors
  • Part III Materials, Fuel Technology, and Fuel Systems
  • Materials
  • Fuels
  • Part IV Auxiliary Components and Accessories
  • Bearings and seals
  • Gears
  • Part V Installation, Operation, and Maintenance
  • Lubrication
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Balancing
  • Couplings and alignment
  • Control systems and instrumentation
  • Gas turbine performance test
  • Maintenance techniques
  • Appendix Equivalent Units
  • Index

This second edition is not only an updating of technology, which has seen a great leap forward in the 1990s, but also a rewriting of various sections to better answer concerns about emissions, efficiency, mechanical standards and codes, and new materials and coatings. At a time when energy costs are high, this important handbook expertly guides those seeking optimum use of each unit of energy supplied to a gas turbine.

In this book, the author has assimilated the subject matter (including diverse views) into a comprehensive, unified treatment of gas turbines. The author discusses the design, fabrication, installation, operation, and maintenance of gas turbines.


Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook

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