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Dynamo Revit Workflow 2016

Dynamo Revit Workflow 2016

Dynamo Revit Workflow 2016, allows Revit users to build custom tools to solve their problems in smarter, faster ways. This course teaches you how to apply basic visual programming concepts to architectural design in Revit, including automating various design, documentation, analysis, and BIM management tasks. Learn how to use Dynamo for numbering rooms, calculating occupant loads, evaluating the efficiency of a room’s furniture layout, verifying adherence to building code, and dimensioning rooms. Each chapter features start-to-finish examples of Dynamo in action, solving and automating the kind of tasks architects face every day.

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Dynamo Revit Workflow 2016 Topics include:

  • Renumbering rooms by their building levelDynamo Revit Workflow 2016
  • Reading Revit element data with Dynamo
  • Setting Revit parameter values
  • Calculating occupant loads
  • Analyzing room layouts
  • Interpreting Revit geometry and curtain panel boundaries
  • Generating architectural patterns based on random numbers

I’m looking forward to introducing you to working in Dynamo for Revit. If you’ve watched the Dynamo Essential Training course, you’re already familiar with a few basic visual programming concepts. In this course, we’ll apply those concepts to several different aspects of an architectural design workflow in Autodesk Revit. Each chapter of the course will take you start to finish through a different example of a problem to solve or a routine to automate. These examples cover a wide range of the tasks than an architect typically performs, including numbering rooms, calculating occupant loads, analyzing a room’s layout, and we’ll finish out the course with an approachable example in computational design.

We’ll begin to tackle each problem by laying out a road map which breaks the problem down into smaller tasks that can be solved with a cluster of just a few Dynamo nodes. By the time we’re finished, you’ll have been inside the process of developing fairly complex Dynamo work flows that can help you accomplish your day-to-day design, modeling, and BIM management work more efficiently, accurately, and automatically. Without further ado, let’s get you programming your own design and BIM solutions with Dynamo for Revit.



Dynamo Revit Workflow 2016

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