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Autodesk Revit 2019 Multi Win64

Autodesk Revit 2019 Multi Win64

Revit 2019 has just released! As Revit Product Managers, sharing what’s new in the latest version of Revit is our favorite type of blog post to write, and there’s a lot to talk about in Revit 2019. In subsequent blog posts we’ll dive deeper into some of the features new in Revit 2019. Let us know in the comments which areas interest you most.

First, you’ll see that many of the updates in Revit 2019 are a result of your suggestions and feedback on the Revit Ideas page. With over 2000 votes on the top two requested features that are now in Revit 2019, know that your input directly influences product development. . You’ve been asking for greater control over view graphics with the “or” option added to view filters, and that’s included in Revit .

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Autodesk Revit 2019 Multi Win64Revit 2019

And we know you also look to Autodesk to lead the way in launching new technologies and capabilities, and in this area Revit  also comes through. You’ll find features that improve the architectural design experience and that help you do more of your work while in 3D. Over the past few releases, Revit has made big strides in supporting industrialized construction by better-connecting design and fabrication workflows. Revit  includes expanded modeling capabilities for detailed steel design and fabrication functionality for precast concrete. Revit 2019 also delivers improvements to primary/secondary hydronic networks for modeling complicated piping networks.

As detailed in the public Revit Road Map, our goal as product managers is to shape and evolve Revit to support your work across the full project lifecycle, also software development is aligned across three areas:

  • Design: Capabilities that enable you to efficiently create information that capture design intent.
  • Optimize: Efforts to refine Revit software to help you efficiently analyze, iterate and make informed decisions using software designed for performance also scalability.
  • Connect: Capabilities that empower project teams by helping them connect workflows and collaborate across the project lifecycle.

Many of the features new in Revit  contribute to your ability to more efficiently and intuitively create information that captures design intent. With features to control view graphics, let you work in a more modern immersive 3D environment, also communicate better visually, Revit 2019 helps you do your core work.


Autodesk Revit 2019 Multi Win64

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