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The Project Management Answer Book, 2015 2nd Edition

The Project Management Answer Book, 2015 2nd Edition

The Project Management Answer Book introduces the reader to the key principles of project management that every private- or public-sector PM needs to know. Its clear, concise style makes the book popular with PMs at all levels, including many who speak English as a second language (Facebook “likes” from 25 countries at the time of this writing!) And it is especially useful for experienced managers looking for new tools and skills to help them on their projects and help them pass their PMP tests.

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the field of project management has a dirty little not-so-secret: Despite amazing technological advances, the majority of projects do not come in on time, on budget, and on scope. This leaves project managers grappling with software bugs and engineering issues on top of their daily plate of change requests, client issues, and also other project management curve balls.

The Project Management Answer Book, 2015 2nd Edition Content

  • About the AuthorProject Management Answer Book
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Project Management Basics
  • Integration Management
  • Project Planning Essentials
  • From Requirements to Scope to the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Time Management: Estimating and Coming in on Schedule
  • Cost Management: Controlling Costs and Coming in on Budget
  • Building-in Quality
  • Controlling Risks on Your Projects
  • Procurement and Contracts
  • Ethical Considerations Project Managers Face on the Job
  • Communication Skills for Project Managers
  • Managing Your Human Resources
  • Stakeholder Management: Strategizing Customer Satisfaction
  • Scrum Agile: The New Wave in Project Management
  • How to Become PMP® Certified

A1. A project is a temporary and unique work effort with a beginning date and an end date that creates a product, service, or result. Here’s a little more detail on the key pieces of this definition:

  • Temporary, with a beginning date and an end date. A project is planned to start on a certain date and complete on a deadline, unlike maintenance or operations work, which is ongoing or perpetual.
  • Unique work effort. A team is assembled and commits to work on a specific goal, often under a contract.
  • Creates a product, service, or result. The purpose of the project is to create something that didn’t exist before, often called the deliverable, which is turned over at completion to the customer (internal or external to the organization) who initiated the project.



The Project Management Answer Book, 2015 2nd Edition

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