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Successful Project Management Fourth Edition

Successful Project Management Fourth Edition

Successful Project Management, Fourth Edition, is an introductory course in project management. In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts, strategies, techniques, and approaches of modern project management. The course is designed for active project managers, technical team members who need to understand the overall project approach in order to perform their roles effectively, and senior managers and executives who must hire, supervise, and evaluate project managers in their employ.

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Successful Project Management Fourth Edition Content

  • About This Course
  • How to Take This Course
  • Pre-Test
  • Understanding Project Management
  • Defining the Project
  • Planning the Activities
  • Estimating the Activities
  • Preparing a Project Plan
  • Managing Risk and Quality
  • Transition to Execution
  • Controlling Time, Cost, and Scope
  • Evaluating and Reporting on Project Performance

The management of projects is often vital to the success and growth of organ-izations. Unlike ongoing operations, projects are both temporary and unique. Because they are temporary, they often do not have the benefit of fully developed, mature, and permanent organizations devoted to their success. Because they are at least in some respects unique, they each involve special problems, issues, and considerations.

Project management, in a nutshell, is the art, craft, and science of managing projects. It is a wide-ranging and complex discipline that incorporates and uses elements from many different disciplines. Although project management was once considered just an aspect of such fields as architecture or engineering, today project management is considered to be a discipline in its own right.


Successful Project Management Fourth Edition

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