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Project and Cost Engineers Handbook,4th Edition

Project and Cost Engineers Handbook,4th Edition

Making the specifics of a complex concern accessible and its handling quite manageable, this fourth edition of the Project and Cost Engineers Handbook examines the variables associated with international projects and project risk analysis. It provides instruction on contingency planning, delves into ethical considerations, considers the impact of the Internet on project and cost engineering, and examines the field’s ever increasing reliance on software. It also offers a detailed checklist of actions that must be taken to assure the successful completion of an international project, and presents updated information on AACE International certification programs.

Projects and products have become more and more multinational in nature, and cost engineers and project managers are increasingly concerned about international cost considerations.

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Project and Cost Engineers Handbook,4th Edition Content

  • PrefaceProject and Cost Engineers Handbook
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • The Engineering Cost Basics
  • Cost Accounting
  • Cost Estimating
  • Economic Equivalence and Profitability
  • Cost Control and Reporting
  • Project Management and Schedule Control
  • Cost Indexes, Escalation, and Location Factors
  • Operations Research Techniques
  • Risk Analysis: How to Do it and How Not to Do it
  • Cost Engineering in a Worldwide Economy
  • Computer Applications for Project Control
  • Cost Engineering Ethics
  • A. AACE International Certification Programs
  • B. Standard Cost Engineering Terminology
  • C. Guide to Project and Cost Related Internet Sites

Nothing has changed in the fundamental principles of cost engineering. They remain as they were back then. However, with the explosive growth of e-mail and the Internet, the gathering and sharing of data and information has indeed changed dramatically.

In this same period projects seemingly have become more risky and cost and project engineers are increasingly concerned about risk analysis. Risks have even been exacerbated by the proliferation of cost and schedule software which is all too often misused by persons lacking the experience which is necessary to discern when the output of the software, be it an estimate or a schedule, is realistic.


Project and Cost Engineers Handbook,4th Edition

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