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Plastic Forming Processes

Plastic Forming Processes

Plastic Forming Processes purpose is to analyze in an almost fully exhaustive way, the many processes now practiced, or under development, covering both the assembling and the specific treatments.

Most books about plastics are written by professors who explain the behavior of these materials through their chemical contents and their mechanical properties from mathematical concepts. These approaches are of interest for research, but they are far removed from the daily problems of converters or users who need practical advice.

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  • PrefacePlastic Forming Processes
  • Introduction
  • Polymers
  • Converting Processes
  • Assembly and Fixations
  • Finishing Treatments
  • Ecology and Recycling
  • Mold Making
  • Economic Data
  • Trends
  • Appendix. Symbols Used
  • Index

There are few books offering a complete technical analysis of converting processes. The books that exist generally mention only the standard processes of injection molding or extrusion. There are actually more than 20 basic techniques, most of them with specific derivative developments, which are increasingly functional.

Unfortunately, the trade experts are too busy and they fail to describe their practices, or they do so only for their own techniques. Therefore, many processes  simply ignored by potential users. In order to do so, this book covers, for each of the major converting process techniques:

  • the polymers used;
  • the process principle, with its advantages and limitations;
  • the description of the manufacturing equipment, molds, machines and all accompanying devices;
  • characteristics of the converting process, pressure, temperature, vacuum; Plastic Forming Processes
  • current operational characteristics, dimensions, output rate, waste, runs;
  • typical or specific applications;
  • and development trends.

In order to describe this in a practical way, the book contains 400 drawings and pictures to describe the various processes.

The volume of all the items and components made of synthetic materials in the world today is larger than the volume of metal parts.


Plastic Forming Processes

Plastic Forming Processes

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