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Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing 3rd Edition

Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing 3rd Edition

Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing is a unique, well-documented, and comprehensive work on the major aspects of natural gas transmission and processing. Two new chapters have been added to the new edition: a chapter on nitrogen rejection to address today’s high nitrogen gases and a chapter on gas processing plant operations to assist plant operators with optimizing their plant operations. In addition, overall updates to Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing provide a fresh look at new technologies and opportunities for solving current gas processing problems on plant design and operation and on greenhouse gases emissions. It also does an excellent job of highlighting the key considerations that must be taken into account for any natural gas project in development.

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  • Disclaimer
  • Dedication
  • Contributor
  • About the Authors
  • Foreword
  • Preface to the Third Edition
  • Endorsements for the Third Edition
  • Natural Gas Fundamentals
  • Raw Gas Transmission
  • Basic Concepts of Natural Gas Processing
  • Phase Separation
  • Condensate Production
  • Natural Gas Treating
  • The Natural Gas Dehydration
  • Natural Gas Liquids Recovery
  • Sulfur Recovery and Handling
  • Nitrogen Rejection
  • Natural Gas Compression
  • Sales Gas Transmission
  • Gas Processing Plant Automation
  • Gas Processing Plant Operations
  • Dynamic Simulation of Gas Processing Plants
  • Real-Time Optimization of Gas Processing Plants
  • Maximizing Profitability of Gas Plant Assets
  • Gas Plant Project Management
  • 1. Conversion Factors
  • 2. Standard Gas Conditions
  • 3. Physical Properties of Fluids
  • Index

Natural gas is an environment friendly, clean-burning fuel, offering important environmental benefits compared to other fossil fuels. It is also a remarkably safe source of energy when transported, stored, and used. The emergence of natural gas in the global markets further underscores the importance of gas transmission and processing.


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