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Elite Fire For Hydraulic Calculation

Elite Fire For Hydraulic Calculation

For over a decade, the Elite Fire For Hydraulic Calculation program has earned a reputation among professional engineers and designers as a best buy among programs of its kind. They demand a full set of features, a user-friendly interface, and an affordable price. And Fire delivers it all. Download the functional demonstration version today and find out why so many consider Fire the program to get.

Elite Fire  Overview

Elite’s Fire Program quickly performs all necessary hydraulic calculations as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 13). Fire also estimates sprinkler head requirements, calculates optimal pipe sizes, and automatically performs a peaking analysis. Fire can handle all types of sprinkler systems (trees, grids, and hybrids) with up to 1,000 or more sprinklers and pipes. Meters and standpipes can also be analyzed.

Fire calculates the GPM water flow and velocity through all pipe sections, the GPM flow and residual pressure at each sprinkler head, the pressure losses incurred in each pipe section due to both friction and elevation changes, the maximum system demand pressure, and the total water GPM demanded by the system.

Elite Fire For Hydraulic Calculation Features

  • Performs hydraulic calculations following NFPA 13Elite Fire For Hydraulic Calculation
  • Handles sprinkler systems with up to 1,000 sprinklers
  • Works on trees, grids, and hybrid sprinkler systems
  • Uses English or metric units
  • Tree Grid Pipe Network Builder included
  • Program runs in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.
  • Computes flow rates, velocities, & pressure drops
  • Automatically sizes pipe
  • Analyzes stand pipe systems
  • Prints supply/demand graph on screen & printer
  • Allows for all types of pipe materials
  • Automatically calculates fitting equivalent lengths
  • Provides comprehensive NFPA style, high quality color presentation reports


Elite Fire For Hydraulic Calculation Method

Fire uses the Newton Raphson matrix solution technique to solve pipe networks, where each pipe is defined to flow according to the Hazen Williams formula. Calculations can be made for a given water supply pressure or they can be performed such that Fire determines the lowest water supply pressure that adequately drive the sprinkler system. Calculations are very fast and accurate. The user manual lists all the pertinent equations to allow full manual verification.



Elite Fire For Hydraulic Calculation

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