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Medical Gases Production, Applications and Safety 2015

Medical Gases Production, Applications and Safety 2015

The objective of Medical Gases Production, Applications and Safety 2015 is not to go into the details of medicinal applications. Here are experts both in the pharmaceutical as well in the medical field, who already knowing the applications and adverse reactions. What we have seen in the past often was a lack of the technical knowledge to handle the gases and cryogenic liquids in the presence of a patient and of keeping all the regulations in mind which are relevant for the transport and use of pressure receptacles.

Medicinal gases represent a small and sharply limited sector in our health-care routine. Inclusive of oxygen, medicinal gases, in spite of their fascinating proper-ties, comprised a subject intended only for specialists, remaining widely unknown for a long time. This might lead users into di?cult situations, when they are not properly informed about medicinal gases and their correct applications.

This is quite surprising because medicinal gases are comparable simple molecules (or atoms, in the case of argon, helium, and xenon) and their manufacturing and purifying methods have been known for more than 100 years.

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Medical Gases Production, Applications and Safety 2015

  • PrefaceMedical Gases Production
  • General Remarks
  • Medicinal Gases – Manufacturing
  • Pressure Vessels and Their Accessories
  • Analytical Methods for Gases
  • Monographs for Gases in the European and National Pharmacopoeias
  • Production of Medical Gases —Special Handling to Comply with GMP Rulings
  • Requirements of the New Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • Safe Handling of Gases
  • References
  • Abbreviations
  • Index

It is the intention of the author to introduce specialist knowledge of these gases to a new generation of pharmacists, engineers, and medical doctors. A fascinating class of substances, they require special handling to gain the full benefit of their unique properties.


Medical Gases Production, Applications and Safety 2015

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