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Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance

Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance

Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance as a form of therapy. The book represents the results of my journey of implementing professional maintenance management. I began this journey out of frustration after so many people told me to implement a preventive maintenance (PM) program and a managed inventory, but no one could tell me how! This frustration led me to explore the ‘‘how’’ question and became the basis for this book.Since that early beginning as therapy, the book has progressed to the point where someone judged it good enough to publish. I wish to thank Neil Levine and his associates at AMACOM books for deeming it as such.

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Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance Content

  • Foreword and AcknowledgmentFundamentals of Preventive Maintenance
  • Getting Started
  • Establishing Scheduling
  • Breaking Your Facility into Logical Parts
  • Developing an Equipment List
  • Writing PMs
  • Developing Equipment Manuals
  • Setting Up Inventory
  • Maintaining the System
  • Planning for Success
  • Conclusion
  • A:Abbreviations List
  • B:Generic Equipment List
  • C:PM Procedure Worksheet
  • D:Blank Forms
  • E:Test Time Answers
  • F:Managing the System Without a Computerized PM Program
  • G:Summary of Helpful Tips
  • Index

Plant engineers and maintenance managers know from experience: All manufacturing equipment will break down, often at the worst possible moment. To survive in today’s lean-and-mean manufacturing environment, companies must head off these breakdowns with a preventive-maintenance management program that is both systematic and flexible — and geared toward minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment life. Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance provides readers with an easy-to-follow, economically sensible maintenance and work order management program. This results-driven guidebook outlines a 7-step process for designing and implementing the program, describing what needs to be done.

To get the most out of this book, I recommend reading it in three passes. On your first pass, flip through the en-tire book and look at all of the chapters, examining the book’s organization and the figures.


Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance

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