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Engineering Maintenance- A Modern Approach

Engineering Maintenance- A Modern Approach

Even though Engineering Maintenance- A Modern Approach have the same end objective or goal (i.e., mission-ready equipment/item at minimum cost), the environments under which they operate differ significantly. More specifically, maintenance engineering is an analytical function as well as it is deliberate and methodical. In contrast, maintenance is a function that must be performed under normally adverse circumstances and stress, and its main objective is to rapidly restore the equipment to its operational readiness state using available resources.

Since the Industrial Revolution, maintenance of engineering equipment in the field has been a challenge. Although impressive progress has been made in maintaining equipment in the field in an effective manner, maintenance of equipment is still a challenge due to factors such as size, cost, complexity, and competition. Needless to say, today’s maintenance practices are market driven, in particular for the manufacturing and process industry, service suppliers, and so on.

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An event may present an immediate environmental, performance, or safety implication. Thus, there is a definite need for effective asset management and maintenance practices that will positively influence critical success factors such as safety, product quality, speed of innovation, price, profitability, and reliable delivery.

Engineering Maintenance- A Modern Approach Content

  • Introduction
  • Maintenance Mathematics
  • Maintenance Management and Control
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Inventory Control in Maintenance
  • Human Error in Maintenance
  • Quality and Safety in Maintenance
  • Maintenance Costing
  • Software Maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Maintainability
  • Common Errors Related to Maintainability Design
  • Problems
  • References

Engineering maintenance is an important sector of the economy. Each year U.S. industry spends well over $300 billion on plant maintenance and operation, and in 1997 the U.S. Department of Defense’s budget request alone included $79 billion for operation and maintenance. Furthermore, it is estimated that approximately 80% of the industry dollars is spent to correct chronic failures of machines, systems, and people. The elimination of many of these chronic failures through effective maintenance can reduce the cost between 40 and 60%.



Engineering Maintenance- A Modern Approach

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