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Thermal Energy Systems Design and Analysis

Thermal Energy Systems Design and Analysis

Thermal Energy Systems Design and Analysis Software Thermal Energy System Topics Units and Unit Systems Thermo-physical Properties Engineering Design Engineering Economics Introduction Common Engineering Economics Nomenclature Economic Analysis Tool: The Cash Flow Diagram Time Value of Money Time Value of Money Examples Using Software to Calculate Interest Factors Economic Decision Making Depreciation and Taxes Problems Analysis of Thermal Energy Systems Introduction Nomenclature Thermo-physical Properties of Substances Suggested Thermal Energy Systems Analysis Procedure Conserved and Balanced Quantities.

The Thermal fluid energy system design and analysis has seen a significant transformation since the advent and widespread availability of the digital computer. Before computational power was at the fingertips of engineers, the design of such systems required extensive hand calculations, plotting performance and system curves, looking for intersection points to arrive at a design
that might work as expected. Digital computing capability has changed this.

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Thermal Energy Systems Design and Analysis Content

  • Front CoverThermal Energy Systems
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Author
  • Introduction
  • Engineering Economics
  • Analysis of Thermal Energy Systems
  • Fluid Transport in Thermal Energy Systems
  • Energy Transport in Thermal Energy Systems
  • Simulation, Evaluation, and Optimization of Thermal Energy Systems
  • A:Conversion Factors
  • B:Thermo-physical Properties
  • C:Standard Pipe Dimensions
  • D:Standard Copper Tubing Dimensions
  • E:Resistance Coefficients for Valves and Fittings
  • F:Optimization Using Engineering Equation Solver
  • G:Pump Curves
  • References

Now engineers can model a thermal system, including detailed component performance and system characteristics, to solve for operating points without the laborious hand calculations required in the past. Simulation techniques applied to a system model allow the engineer to confidently predict the performance of the system before components are purchased and the system is built.

Optimization techniques allow the engineer to consider changing certain system components or parameters to achieve a system that operates with respect to lowest cost, highest thermal efficiency, highest exergetic efficiency, and so on.


Thermal Energy Systems Design and Analysis


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