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Cranes and Derricks 4th edition

Cranes and Derricks 4th edition

Cranes and Derricks 4th edition, the stewardship of Cranes and Derricks passes to a new generation. And yet, it is not a complete change of tenure. My coauthor brother Jay and I have been part of this project from its start in the 1970s. As a teenager, I snapped and printed photographs that carry into the present edition. In our college years, we both critiqued portions of the original manuscript and even crafted a few lines. Finally, as practicing engineers and business partners, we shared with our father in the writing of the second and third editions.

Ever larger mobile cranes are being produced, but more importantly, innovations have come onto the scene with them. Controls and drives keep pace with microchip technology, rethinking of telescopic extension systems reduce boom weight permitting greater lengths, and new integral rapid self-assembly and disassembly arrangements are introduced. Even the notion of the load chart has been challenged by the computer revolution—separate charts for each of many configuration options result in multi-page compilations in an on-board “black box” as well as on paper.

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Cranes and Derricks 4th edition content

  • Basic Concepts and ComponentsCranes and Derricks
  • Crane and Derrick Configurations
  • Loads and Forces
  • Stability Against Overturning
  • Mobile-Crane Installations
  • Tower-Crane Installations
  • Derrick Installations
  • Controlling Risk
  • A: Conversions
  • B: Glossary
  • C: Exact Analysis of a Guyed Tower Crane
  • D: Boom and Jib Clearances
  • E: Codes and Standards Applicable to Cranes and Derricks
  • Index

Cranes and derricks lift and lower loads, by means of ropes and pulleys, and move the loads horizontally. Machines that do not perform those functions, or do them by other means, are neither cranes nor derricks by common definition. A crane is a self-contained piece of equipment, whereas the prime mover or power source of a derrick is a freestanding unit separate from the hoisting structure.


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